Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New (again) to a Blog

I had a blog about a year ago. I stopped using it for some reason and it disappeared, so I decided to start fresh. I am planning on using this blog to document things that are happening or have happened in my life that I want to remember. These are the best times of my life and I don't want to miss a moment of it!

This is me:

I am a Christian wife and mother. I have been married to my wonderful husband since 1995 and I have 2 amazing kids. As of 7-28-10, my daughter is 14 and my son is 13. I recently started a new job at an insurance agency and I am currently studying to become a licensed agent. I also am a Virtual Assistant. Insurance is completely different from my past jobs, but I am really liking it.

The words that follow are my life! I hope you enjoy them.

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