Monday, August 2, 2010

Change of Heart-Memories of Mrs. Ennis

Isn't it strange how drastically your views on people change as you grow up? How you can dislike someone when you are in elementary school, only to be deeply saddened as an adult when you hear that that person has become terminally ill. Hearing sad news such as that is bound to stir up some long lost memories of that person. This post is for Mrs. (Evelyn) Ennis.
One memory that always has stayed in my mind all these years is what I will call the "NESTER" incident! My friend Carina and I, as well as a few other friends, were in a Christmas play about a donkey named Nester. There was a song that we sang that went something like this..."Nester was a donkey who seldom laughed or played..." We were in the lunchroom at school where Mrs. Ennis worked and Carina was trying to sing the song, but the lunchroom was quite loud that day. She plugged her ears so she could hear herself better and ended up screaming "NESTER" at the top of her lungs. The room fell silent and from across the room, walking at full speed toward our table, was Mrs. Ennis! Oh boy!!! We were in for it!

Just explaining that story does it no justice! It was hilarious! Of course we were terrified of the trouble our table (and our friend) was in.

I obviously have grown up since then and I am no longer afraid of Mrs. Ennis. She is a wonderful woman that always had our best interest in mind. She wasn't really ever being mean to us. She was just not allowing us to get in trouble. My mom told me a couple of nights ago that Mrs. Ennis has lung cancer. She is currently in a coma, and is expected to go on to heaven soon. I know that I will see her again someday, and I will remind her of the "NESTER" incident. I am sure we will have a laugh about it!

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  1. Thanks Amy. Your story was cute. I can only imagine the whole scene. It was a lovely tribute to Evelyn. I love you. Mom