Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sturgis 2010

Yesterday, we got back home from Sturgis. What a Blast!!! I was nervous about the "hardcore bikers" you always hear know, the ones that are involved in fights, murder, etc...! The people that were there were so friendly. They stopped and talked with us at our campground and were apologetic if they bumped into you. I didn't see a single fight or even an argument!
I jotted down notes on what we did or saw during our trip, so here is a "snapshot" of the 5 days we were gone:

Day 1 - We got to our campsite about 2:15 p.m. and set up camp. After it was set up, we went for a quick ride into town just to see what we wanted to do during the week. I noticed that the locals rent out their backyards to campers & RV's. A lot of them sit in the front yards all week just watching the bikers drive by. Went back to camp and the guys started cooking dinner. I sat there smelling the food and thinking how great it was going to be to not have to cook for a week!! After dinner, we went to the Buckcherry and ZZ Top concert. ZZ Top was great!!! We got back to the campsite at about 12:45 a.m. Was looking forward to sleeping in a little bit!

Day 2 - Was awakened at 6:45 a.m. by motorcycles reving their engines and crusing around the campground. I was amazed that they had partied all night and had managed to wake up that early in the morning. I was the only one awake for about 2 hours. Travis and Burt took forever to get ready. We finally left the campground about 11:00 and went to the "Full Throttle Saloon". It was so crowded there. They put on different kinds of shows daily. The one we saw was midget wrestling. Travis enjoyed it more then anyone there I think! Later that evening, we went to the concert. It was Bob Dylan and Kid Rock. Kid Rock was ok, but we didn't stay long. We were all pretty tired. We got back to camp at about 10:45 and once again hoped to sleep in!

Day 3 - Well, we got to sleep until 8:00 a.m. We had decided that today would be our "Crusin' Day". We took the "scenic route" to Deadwood. Yep, that means the guys got lost and were relying on their phones for directions!! We finally got there and played penny slots for a while. -----------------------------------> Then we went to Burt's girlfriends room and took showers. We had planned to go see Mt. Rushmore today, but didn't make it there. We had a really good time in Deadwood. We spent the evening at the campsite and caught a fireworks show. It was a really nice night.

Day 4 - We spent the morning at camp, just relaxing. In the afternoon, we went to the "Traveling Wall" It is a replica of the Vietnam Memorial. It was very emotional for me. When I walked up to it, the first thing I saw was this---------------->
My eyes immediately started to tear up. We walked up further and saw flowers and pieces of paper with notes to the soldiers from their friends and family. I was video taping for Travis and I decided to read two of them and I almost cried while reading it. After we looked at the wall for a while, we went into town to see some friends. We didn't stay to long because it was so hot outside. We went to the store and bought some food then went back to camp for some dinner. After dinner, we went to the concert. Tonight was Ozzy Osborne. I didn't see too much of that show because I had "gigantor" standing in front of me. He had to have been 7 feet tall. Travis had a great time though!

Day 5 - We decided to head home a day early. We got our campsite packed up and headed out. We decided to go to Keystone. Ok, so I begged. I wanted some of thier famous taffy! After we got the taffy, we drove by Mt. Rushmore and we were on the road home. I ended up getting a little bit car sick, but felt fine after a while. We pulled into town about 8:00 p.m. and surprised the kids and my parents. It was a great trip, but it was so nice to be home!!

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