Sunday, January 2, 2011

Debt Free and Payin' Cash!!!!

I have decided that this is the year that my family will be debt free (with the exception of our mortgage)!! I am now a licensed insurance agent and that means I will be making commissions. I am going to use those commissions along with my VA and affiliate marketing income to start paying off our bills and to get the things that we need by paying cash. I really feel this is an accomplishable goal. We only have two credit cards, one doctor bill and one home improvement/business loan to pay off.

The first item that I am planning on paying cash for is a second computer. I decided this morning that we need a second computer because my husband and I are always kicking each other off of the one we have. I haven't decided whether or not to get a laptop or another desktop computer. I personally don't like laptops. I guess my biggest problem with them is the lack of a mouse. If we go that route, I'm pretty sure it will be for him and not me!

The second thing I am planning on purchasing this year is a new dishwasher. We have one, but there is something wrong with it that causes our dishes to smell really bad. I think that my daughter will be happier with that purchase than anyone else in the house. It is currently one of her chores to do the dishes every night and she dreads it. If it were up to her, we would use paper plates, plastic forks, and plastic cups every night!

The third and final thing I hope to pay cash for is a new front yard. I want to fix up the front deck and lay some new grass down. When we extended our driveway, we somehow ended up with a lawn full of weeds.

Well...there you go. Those are few more of my goals for 2011. I will let you know throughout the year how we are doing!


  1. i would Love to be able to pay CASH for everything this year, but getting hubby o do so might be a different story!! I would like to pay down some of our debt we don't have a ton but it would be nice to have it GONE!

    I nominated you for the stylish blogger award :)