Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just Bragging

So, I was sitting here at the computer trying to decide what to blog about. My husband and our son were playing their guitars across the room from me. I was watching them and thinking of how proud I am of both of them. My husband is a self taught guitar player. Literally, he woke up one day and went to a music store and bought a guitar. He started getting online to learn how to play and he also found an On Demand guitar lesson. He is really good now. Our son just recently started playing the guitar. The school that he goes to has a guitar class. He started getting bored with the songs they were learning, so he started playing different songs at home. His teacher has said that he is playing at a third year guitar level.

Currently, we have six guitars in our basement....three each (Not a single one of them have dust on them, so they do get played quite often) My son just bought himself his first electric guitar at Christmas and he is very proud of that guitar!

So anyway....just thought I should brag about my two favorite guys!  :)

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