Friday, January 21, 2011

The Long Wait at the Doctors Office

There is nothing more uncomfortable than being stuck in the same room as someone that you really don't care too much for!! That happened to me yesterday. I had to take my son to the doctor yesterday. Our appointment was set for 3:30. We were sitting in the waiting room...watching the clock and 30 minutes later, the ex wife of one of my husband's friends comes strolling in. We looked at each other and immediately looked away. At that point, I grabbed the magazine that I had already read cover to cover and pretended to read it again. The next 20 minutes was horrible and seemed more like an hour. She was sitting directly across the room from me. I felt like asking the nurse what was taking so long and insisting to be put in one of the rooms. I usually get along with everybody, but this particular person tried to ruin my marriage, so I have a hard time being cordial with her. Well, anyway, I was so happy to get out of that doctors office and away from her.

On a better note, my husband and I went to see Jeff Dunham last night! He is so funny. My stomach and cheeks are sore from laughing so hard! It was nice to have a night out with my husband too!

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